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Flower Beauty Products


My name is Kirby and I am the founder of Sage & Willow - the home of highly fragranced handmade candles and body products that are good for the soul. Running a small business is my creative outlet, and I have a lot of love for my products – but even more love for the environment, and promoting a sustainable and eco-friendly way of life.

The Earth, and the continuous problems it encounters, is an issue that is close to my heart. When I am not working on Sage & Willow, I am finishing off my university degree – a Bachelor of International Development with an emphasis on climate change and sustainable development. I am very passionate about helping people who need it most, and through my studies, I will be able to assist those in developing nations live a safer, more equitable and prosperous life. 

I hope to share my love for all things fragranced through the creations that Sage & Willow has to offer.

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